Wayout Media specializes in aerial media and other drone operations. We use the latest in drone technology from DJI to provide stunning, high-resolution photos and 4K video.

Add Value to Your Real Estate Listing. Aerial photography provides potential buyers with a unique perspective of your residential or commercial property. Features such as pools and new roofs can only truly be appreciated from above. 

Optimized for Your Desired Use. Media captured with drone technology can be used in a wide variety of use-cases because the files are so large. Your event, product, or property can be printed across a wall, posted on social media, or used on a website —just to name a few!

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We have provided professional photography and video in Birmingham, AL since 2020. Let us help you!


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My name is Cullen. I’ve been flying, and developing software, with DJI drones for over 5 years.

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